flaming lamborghini cocktail in light black table with green color drink in a martini glass no garnishvarious elevated cocktail glasses martini, brandy snifter, wine glass, shot glass on the color green bar counter

Flaming Lamborghini or Lamborghini Cocktail


Cocktail Recipe

30   ml   Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

30   ml   Sambuca

30   ml   Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur      

30   ml   Blue Curacao


Glass        Martini

Method      Flaming or Stir



Mixture No. 1 -  Flaming Lamborghini

a) In martini glass pour 30 ml of blue curacao and 30 ml baileys

b) In another cocktail glass or brandy glass pour 30 ml sambuca and 30 ml kahlua

c) Set-up glasses and shot glass to be ready for flaming

  • Martini glass with curacao and baileys on the table
  • empty wine glass upside down place on top of 2 beer opener or 2 bar spoons on martini glass rim
  • empty brandy snifter upside down place on top of wine glass base
  • empty shot glass upside down place on top of snifter glass base

d) Put sambuca in the shot glass on the top and flame

e) Warm brandy glass with sambuca and kahlua and pour into the back of shot glass lighted

6) Be carefull, let the flame a bit down and use straw to drink it.



Mixture No. 2 -  Lamborghini Cocktail

In a mixing glass with ice cubes combine all ingredient, Stir and strain into a chilled martini glass.

Garnished : None