Sparkling Wine


bottle of sparkling wine in bar counter with green color bottle

Sparkling Wine


Sparkling wine means

Are considered the king of all beverages. Undergoes a second fermentation inside the bottles which it the sparkle of these wines, carbon dioxide, are formed, hence when the bottle is opened it effervesce, bubbles are produced the best example of this wine is champagne. The method of making Champagne was developed by a monk called Dom Perignon during 18th century. One of the very best Champagne is name after him.



Champagne - Queen among wines

Dom Perignon
Cuvee Cristal Roederer
Krug Grande Cuvee
Peninsula Brut
Moet et Chandon
Veuve Clicquot
Charles Heidsieck
Laurent Perrier
Pommery Brut Royal
Lanson Black Label


Sparkling Wine

Asti Spumante



Sparkling wines produced from the region of Champagne they called Champagne. All sparkling wines produced outside Champagne called sparkling wines.